"It is not your environment, it is you – the quality of your mind, the integrity of your soul and the  determination of your will that will decide your future and shape your lives.

- Dr. Benjamin E. Mays

 Put Your Mark On The Future

What We Do

Peer Empowerment Groups

Building a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood as young people share their experiences and learn productive ways of overcoming obstacles they face in their lives.

Case Management Services

Helping young people and their families explore and navigate community resources that are available which foster stronger families and strengthen communities.

Parent Support Groups

Providing a forum where parents can work together to effectively support their children as they confront the challenges of transitioning from adolescence to young adulthood and beyond.

Consultation Services

Establishing collaborative relationships with organizations that serve young people and their families. PYS Inc., is committed to sharing their expertise with those interested in the issues and challenges facing young people today.