The PYS Inc., Adolescent Female Forum to Inspire, Respect, and Motivate (AFFIRM) Program is exclusively for young women of color, ages 14-18. This program helps young women avoid early pregnancy, gang involvement and time spent in the juvenile justice system. AFFIRM works with these young women to make decisions that will lead to greater academic achievement and economic opportunity. AFFIRM also provides a sense of sisterhood to help guide these young women to a safe, stable and successful life.

Through this program we:

  • Provide a supportive and inclusive haven where young women can meet regularly to explore and discuss topics important to them;
  • Provide an opportunity for young women to safely interact with peers and establish relationships with positive female role models and establish a sisterhood among them;
  • Encourage young women to reach their fullest potential in all areas of their lives, with a specific focus on self-image, peer relationships, & education;
  • Promote the social development of young women to assist in their transition from adolescence to become productive and respectful members of their communities.
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