The PYS Inc., Distinguished Gentlemen Program works closely with young men, ages 14-18, to develop and refine their leadership skills while teaching the principles of teamwork. This program instill the importance of giving back by leading the participants through the creation of community service projects. We also work with each young man to develop productive ways of spending their free time.

Through this program we:

  • Challenge participants to examine their personal strengths and weaknesses through creating a platform for them to flourish as young leaders;
  • Explore and examine influential male leaders in all facets of society in order to discuss leadership qualities;
  • ¬†Recognize how working together utilizing their unique skills & talents can be effective as working as a team & how their unique skills & talents can make a positive or negative impact within the community and the world;
  • ¬†Provide opportunities for young men to exhibit leadership in the community through the development of community service projects working with the youth, the elderly, and/or homeless population(s).
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