PYS created the #NCONTROL program to help middle and high school students analyze their own behavior and manage their emotions. This program helps young people develop healthy ways of expressing their emotions (especially anger), while developing productive ways to handle and resolve conflicts. We help these kids remain #NCONTROL of their thoughts and actions, leading to better outcomes in adulthood.

Through this program we:

  • Provide an opportunity for students to safely interact with peers and establish relationships with positive adult role models and foster a sense of community among them;
  • Encourage students to begin to take an introspective look at themselves as they identify their strengths and challenges as they pursue their life goals. This includes how being able to appropriately express themselves and resolve conflicts can assist them in reaching their goals;
  • Help students begin to develop a basic understanding of anger, how their mind (thoughts) and body response when they begin to get angry and how to recognize and better manage (CONTROL) it;
  • Help students develop and practice strategies to alleviate and deal with stressful situations using mindfulness techniques.

#NCONTROL Group Sessions

The #NCONTROL groups are co-ed and meets once a week during a 13 week period. Lunch or dinner is served at each group session and a life enriching field trip will take place focusing on a teambuilding activity which demonstrates the importance of working together to alleviate potential conflicts. An awards ceremony will take place at the conclusion of the program to acknowledge the student’s achievement in the program.