The PYS Inc., Adolescent Male Empowerment Network (AMEN) Program, works closely with young men between 14-18. These years are an especially challenging time in their lives - they are surrounded by the lure of the culture of violence, negative peer influences, the quick fix solution of substance abuse and the ever-present threat of police brutality. AMEN gives young men the resiliency and confidence they need to develop strategies to avoid making mistakes that could cost them their potential - or even their lives. At AMEN, we model behavior and mentor young men to help them respond to the potentially dangerous situations they will confront in their lives.

Through this program we:

  • Provide a supportive and inclusive environment in which young men can meet on an regular basis to explore and discuss various topics;
  • Offer a safe and nurturing atmosphere where young men can freely share their life experiences with each other and positive adult male role models while developing a brotherhood among them;
  • Create fun and life enriching opportunities that will improve a young man’s interpersonal and social skills. Such activities might include cultural, educational, and sporting events;
  • Promote the social development of young men to enhance their transition from adolescence and become productive and responsible citizens.
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