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About Us

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Background Info!

Culturally sensitive and competent services for African-American youth between the ages of 14- 18 in various counties within Maryland have traditionally been very limited. In seeking to respond to this void, in 2001 Pride Youth Services, Inc. was established and designed its services to assist and prepare youth in making empowering choices as they confront life’s challenges. While making significant contributions to African-American youth and their families, PYS Inc. is also well suited to provide culturally appropriate services to multi-cultural youth populations. PYS Inc. services have positively impacted the lives of hundreds of young people and their families.

Helping youth feel empowered and inspiried!

Pride Youth Services (PYS) is helping African American youth expand their potential, achieve their goals and feel a well-earned sense of PRIDE. Since 2001, PYS has stood hand in hand with our nation’s inner-city youth, providing the resources and skills to help mentor and grow the next generation of black leaders. 


The Baltimore Project

PYS’ school-based programs provide an array of services focused on supporting the social and emotional well-being of the students while encouraging them to become actively engaged in the educational process.


The Philadelphia Project

In July 2015, Pride Youth Services (PYS), Inc., opened an office in Philadelphia, PA. Partnered with the John Bartram H.S and Murrell Dobbins Career & Technical Education H.S located in Philadelphia, PA.