Why Wait? The Time is Now to Help Our Youth

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High school is such a critical and special time. It’s an age where teens are on the cusp of independence, and the decisions they make can have long-term consequences. The decision on whether or not to attend college, the type of friends they have, the places they hang out, and their grades in high school all drive how their lives turn out in the very near future. 

It is a Crucial Time of Transition

At this age, our young men and women are transitioning from adolescence to adulthood,  starting to form their own identities, and they are beginning to take on more responsibilities. They are also faced with challenges that can either make or break their future. In many cases, they are at a disadvantage when compared to their peers due to the systemic racism and inequality that exists in our society.

Access to Resources is Critical

One of the biggest challenges that black youth face is the lack of access to resources. Many come from underserved communities where access to quality education, healthcare, and job opportunities is limited. A college application fee for a poor family can mean choosing whether or not to have groceries for the week. An hour bus ride home versus having a ride from a parent can affect participation in extracurricular activities. This is where we have the opportunity to intervene and level the playing field.  

Connecting a family with a program that provides groceries and meals can make a difference.

Providing a safe space for a teenager to do their homework while a parent does a late shift can determine their grades in school.

A program that pays application fees can determine whether or not a teenager chooses to go to college. 

Programs that Support the Community Are Essential

Organizations such as Pride Youth Services provide our youth with the resources and skills they need to succeed. Even those who have made mistakes and end up in the juvenile justice system still have the opportunity to improve their lives.  

Through programs such as the Adolescent Male Empowerment Network (AMEN) Program and the Divine Divas Program, young people are given the opportunity to develop leadership skills, create useful and productive strategies for confronting life’s challenges, and exhibit leadership skills despite the obstacles set up for them to fail. 

With the right resources and support, young people of color can overcome the challenges they face and become productive members of society. Contact us to learn more about our service to the community


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